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Nyandarua County Assembly breaks into chaos as reinstated Speaker is locked out

Nyandarua County Assemblies erupted into chaos on Tuesday morning after two rival groups clashed over leadership positions.

According to reports, the chaos broke after impeached Speaker Ndegwa Wahome reportedly resumed his duties. This was despite the Speaker having been impeached for a record third time in the recent past.

Wahome appeared in the Nyandarua County Assembly buildings after his reinstatement by the Nakuru High Court. The court reinstated Wahome on a technicality, stating that the sitting assembly during Wahome’s impeachment did not observe the two-thirds rule.

Gross misconduct allegations

The Speaker was impeached over gross misconduct, abuse of office, favouritism and nepotism during assembly functions. He also faced accusations of failing to account for the expenditure of over Ksh 500 million for the construction of assembly offices.

He was accompanied by ten MCAs and a group of youths. The youths, carrying placards in support of Wahome, stormed the Assembly premises, demanding that the Speaker be allowed to carry out his duties.

Wahome accused Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia of abusing his powers and subverting the rule of law in the county assembly.

“Corruption fighting back”

“There is no issue here. The issue is the police are being misused. What is happening today is corruption fighting back,” Wahome said, “Kimemia knows that he should be jailed and to ensure he doesn’t go to jail, then he kicks me out of the assembly.”

The chaos comes on a day when the MCAs were to table a motion to remove him. Wahome said that Kimemia had ensured that MCAs who had brought the issue were locked out of the premises. The chaos, Wahome noted, was to stop the MCAs from passing the impeachment motion.

“I’m pleading on the President to instruct the DPP and EACC to come here and investigate the millions Kimemia has carted away.”

Wahome also accused Kimemia of being behind the continued efforts to have him impeached. He said Kimemia had manipulated the MCA votes to impeach him.

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