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Riots escalate in Kisii sa residents demand justice for dead bodaboda

Riots escalated in Marani, Kisii county on Monday as residents demanded justice for a bodaboda man, who died while in remand at Rioma Police station in Kitutu Chache North.

The youth and angry villagers took the protests to another level as they sought justice for the deceased.

Erick Ochanda was locked up in the cells on Thursday last week, but his retrieved his remains at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary.

It’s said Ochanda was arrested for not having a mask during a swoop. According to family members, their kin was clobbered before being transferred to the morgue.

Another incident saw a student shot dead in the chest during a confrontation on Sunday.

Currently, two more people are nursing bullet injuries as police engage in running battles with residents in the area.

Political leaders from the region demanded answers regarding the incident on Monday. Paul Angwenyi, Sensi Ward Rep, asked the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to investigate the killings.

“Everyone here wants nothing less than justice for their families. As leaders, urge IPOA to take up the issue and bring into book all officers involved in the killings,” said Angwenyi.

However, police from Rioma police station said the suspect fell ill in the cells but died while receiving treatment in hospital.

This is a second incident surrounding the death of an inmate at Rioma police cells. In January, a hawker was arrested for not having a mask but died in custody.

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