Uhuru commissions Garissa solar park.


Garissa solar park, the biggest solar park of its kind in East Africa, is a game changer in as far as connecting people to electricity is concerned. The park sits on 85 hectares of land and comprises of 300,000 solar panels. This solar panels are set to produce 76,470 MWh a year, enough to power 625000 homes. The vast solar panels are injecting 15MW  to the national grid.

So what does this mean for Garissa? The county will be open for business, the county will be in a position to attract various kinds of investors. Healthcare services will be more efficient, county revenue will rise, and able to support local projects. Businesses, both large and small will be on the rise, as it creates an enabling environment.

Insecurity and good transport networks within the major town will be able to make the county able to host and even boost tourism. It also means that access to education will be high and the ease of reading for the young people in various local schools not connected will finally breathe an air of relief.

Households will grow and cost on electricity will reduce. Local manufacturing and processing farms are now more than happy to cut on high costs on electricity, and make them able to work more efficiently and perhaps increase production.

Growth in businesses within the county, means more employment for the young people, as well as establishment of new business ventures.

More counties should work together and learn how we can salvage whatever we have in our diversity and use the same to benchmark from one another. The richness of our nation lies on we can do together, to create an enabling environment for businesses, through policy making and initiation of projects


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