Water shortage expected in Nairobi even after the heavy rains


Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company said there is a lower capacity of water transmission in pipes than the required amount. Therefore, the residents will soon experience water shortage and rationing. Since there is inadequate infrastructure, the city’s water growing demand cannot be fulfilled unless the systems are upgraded. Recently, the residents have been using illegal means to acquire water which is unsafe and can expose them to diseases.

Despite Ndakaini and Sasumua dams overflowing with water following the heavy pounding rains, Nairobi residents will not have an opportunity to leap the benefits of plenty of water. According to Daily Nation, Nahashon Muguna confirmed that the pipes could only pump 525,600 cubic meters per day. Also, Nahashon further added that unless new water lines are built, the water rationing will persist. Currently, the demand for water in Nairobi lies at 790, 000 cubic meters per day.

Cases of Cholera have been witnessed in Nairobi as a result of water shortages. Further, the Meteorological department has urged Murang’a residents who reside in the lower side of the Ndakaini dam to relocate to higher grounds, since if more rain is experienced, the barriers will burst its banks. The weatherman as warned of water reservoir spills and would lead to flooding in river Chania and Thika.


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