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Widow of Justus Murunga and son to face off in the upcoming Matungu by-elections

Justus Murunga’s widow and stepson will face it off in the upcoming Matungu’s by-election.

During the legislature’s burial in December last year, Eugene Ambwere and Christabel Murunga declared their interest in the seat.

Ambwere is the late Matungu’s member of parliament eldest son.

Although they will vie as independent candidates, the two will battle it out with 13 other aspirants on the March 4 by-election.

Matungu has 65,000 registered voters whose mother and son need to win their votes. Ambwere tried endlessly to get deputy president William Ruto’s endorsement during Murunga’s burial in vain.

Mrs Murunga noted that she could complete what her husband started.

The Nairobi based businesses man Ambwere has also visited the constituency severally to try and woo voters to his side.

In 2017, Mrs Murunga, a housewife, managed to mobilize women in 2017 to vote for her late husband.

Efforts by the families to have one contestant have hit a brick wall. After the gazettement of the March 4 by-election by the Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission, the family met at their Makunda home.

During the meeting, they tried convincing mother and son to choose who would vie to no avail. George Nyongesa, the late MP’s personal assistant who closely associates with the widow, convened the meeting.

Fingers were pointed at Mrs Murunga for not notifying her son about the meeting and only inviting those who supported her aspirations.

Another meeting slated for December 17 failed to take place after Ambwere was unable to show up.

After the meeting, Mrs Murunga declared her interest in the seat, only for Ambwere to announce.

Peter Nabulindo overtook them despite them eyeing the ANC ticket. Ambwere has, however, said he still maintains respect for his mother despite the political competition.

“We respect each other because being rivals doesn’t mean that we are enemies. She is our home’s mother, but when it comes to looking for votes, we are rivals,” said Ambwere.

To seek support for her candidature, Mrs Murunga has held meetings with women and the youth.

Although they have conducted parallel campaigns, their manifesto is full of Murunga’s 2017 approach. Their priorities centres around infrastructure development and education.

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