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    Woman arraigned in court for biting her neighbours finger

    A 29-year old woman is under detention after biting her neighbour’s left-hand middle finger causing amputation. The alleged, Lucy Wanjiku bit the finger of Gitahi Wambui on January first 2019 in their Mawanga estate Nakuru county. The two are said to have been neighbours on the estate.

    On a fateful day, the suspect Wanjiku went to the tap where he found the victim and pushed her bucket away. This however led to a tussle between the ladies only for Wambui’s mother to intervene. After the two were separated, Miriam Waweru, Wambui’s mother says she went back to the house to continue with her chores leaving her daughter in the tap. A few minutes later, she heard her daughter screaming only to come back and find her finger bleeding.

    The victim was rushed to the hospital before any possible spread of infection. The whole drama, however, started when the doctors from the Rift Valley District hospital noticed that the finger had swollen and darkened. The doctors hence advised for an amputation which left the victim one finger less.

    Wanjiku’s arrest

    Wanjiku hence got arrested in conjunction with the assault. Records have shown that her charges were passed on January 14th 2019. She denied charges and was released on a bond of Ksh 10,000 with an alternative bail of Ksh 5,000 which she paid.

    Ms Wanjiku was supposed to appear in court on the 17th of January 2019 where her case would be heard but failed. Hence propelled the court to issue a warrant of arrest against her. Her case was postponed for hearing until February 2019 where she failed to appear again. Her case was mentioned next on March but again Wanjiku was nowhere to be seen.

    After concurrent failures to appear in the courtroom, the court forfeited her bail on August 30th 2019. The forfeiture came along with the extension of her warrant of arrest. Wanjiku has since been dodging her court hearing until on January 8th 2020 where she was arrested. The suspect was arrested while on a matatu to Mawangu. Her arrest came after the victim’s mother spotted her and alarmed the police who responded immediately.

    She was detained in the Teachers police post awaiting her 2nd appearance in court. On appearing before the principal Magistrate Bernard Mararo, Wanjiku gave the court a controversial statement.  She stated that she had been unwell the whole period and had not been able to attend to the court case. The magistrate has stated that she be detained until 29th January 2020 when her case will be heard.

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