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Court awards Nyali MP 1 million over defamation case

A court has awarded Nyali lawmaker Mohammed Ali popularly known as Moha Jicho Pevu Ksh, 1 million in a defamatory case against The Star newspaper.

In March 2018, the paper published a story linking the Nyali legislature to embezzlement of funds meant for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

An article in the newspaper claimed Mohamed Ali was under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) for fraudulent dealings with Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Shortly after the article was published, Moha filed a defamatory suit claiming the story contained malicious intention and false information.

Moha further noted the article had spoilt his reputation, profession, credibility, adding EACC hadn’t conducted any investigation against him. He also added he didn’t have the power to hire or fire anyone working on the CDF committee.

During the ruling, the court awarded the MP Ksh 1 million as damages, stating that the newspaper gave him the right of reply before the court’s decision.

The court also ordered the defendants to cover the costs of the defendant’s team.
While celebrating the ruling’s outcome, Moha advised upcoming journalists to verify any information before publicizing.

The legislature issued three demands to the newspaper in his suit that included pulling down the story and issuing an apology.

Ali didn’t take claims on the article lightly. His lawyer said the news portrayed his client as fraudulent and lacking in morals.

“The article claims the legislature has pursued all avenues to deprive Kenyans good use of their hard-earned money. It also states our client is guilty of the entire scandal, saying he defrauded members of the public Ksh 25,000,000,” argued the MP at that time.

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