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Court issues warrant of arrest against Murang’a DCI boss

A warrant of arrest has been issued against David Cheruiyott, Murang’a South’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss, for ignoring court orders. The DCI boss has ignored orders in a case where two Nigerians face charges of peddling cocaine.

With the arrest warrants, Cheruiyott’s juniors can arrest him and commit him to jail before arraigning him in court on Tuesday.

Shivai Agade, the Kigumo Principal Magistrate, agreed with advocates for the two suspects. They noted that Cheruiyott had breached court orders that directed him to release the suspects’ mobile phones.

The two suspects, Cletus Okeke Onyabuchi and Elkana Mogaka said that they wanted their phones back so that they could contact their families.

The suspects have been in custody since 19th April. Their advocate, Elkana Mogaka, told the court that they could not secure their freedom despite securing a bond because they could not reach their families.

The suspects said that they did not have their relatives’ numbers off-head. They could only recover the numbers from their mobile phones that are in Cheruiyott’s custody.

Through their lawyer, the suspect had written a letter to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti. They asked him to direct Mr. Cheruiyott to obey the court order.

Their lawyer noted that the two are languishing in remand, yet they could bail themselves out if they called their relatives.

The magistrate pointed out that the Murang’a DCI boss was setting a bad precedent by ignoring court orders. He noted that his disobedience would induce impunity. Therefore, there was a need to hold him accountable.

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