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Court orders investigations into the kidnapping of exonerated Westgate terror suspect

A court in Nairobi has directed the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) to start investigating a purported kidnapping of acquitted Westgate terror suspect Liban Abdillahi Omar.

Following the lack of evidence, presiding magistrate Francis Andayi set Omar free on October 7.

The Westgate attack left 67 people dead with 150 others nursing severe injuries.

According to some sources, gunmen abducted Omar days later after his release from the Upperhill’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) offices.

Claims stating that police were behind the abduction made Andayi direct the KNHCR to look into the matter.

After adjourning the sentence of two other terror suspects in the Westgate attack, the magistrate ordered the human rights agency to begin investigating.

“When handling terror suspects cases, all of us are in danger,” said Andayi after news reached him of Omar’s disappearance.

The magistrates further asked Mbugua Mureithi and Leah Mwihaki Omar’s lawyers to report to KNHCR so that they can carry out a thorough investigation.

Before four men with guns in a Subaru ordered him to stop, Omar was in a taxi with his sister.

The men then pulled Omar from the car and forced him into the Subaru around KCB towers.

Omar, who’s a refugee from Somalia, was tracked after police listened to conversations with his brother who died in the attack. Omar has remained in jail for seven years.

Those accused with Omar were found guilty for planning the attack. The three individuals faced up to 12 charges relating to committing a terror attack.

They also faced criminal charges for being in the country illegally and helping the extremist group Al Shabaab.

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