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COVID-19: World crosses 2 million deaths from pandemic

The world has passed the gloomy milestone of over 2 million COVID-19 deaths as the new strains cause concern.

The world crossed that grim milestone late on Friday night, with John Hopkins University confirming the grave figures.

Deaths rising

Furthermore, the death toll from the virus is getting worse. It took eight months to get to one million deaths. However, from 1 million to 2 million, it has taken just four months. This rise is despite a slow down in infections in some countries.

The United States, UK, Germany, and Sweden, have all witnessed deadly weeks since the year started.

The United States is the hardest-hit country, closing in fast on 400,000 COVID deaths. Currently, the US has over 389,000 deaths from COVID. On Thursday, the country reported over 3,900 deaths.

It was a slight drop from 4,406 reported on January 12, the highest casualties in 24 hours in the US, but only marginally.

Brazil, India follow

The second is Brazil. Brazil, also led by a COVID-19 denier like the US, has seen the number of confirmed COVID deaths quickly pass 208,000. On Friday, Brazil reported 1,151 deaths from the virus.

Deaths have been steadily rising in the country, though the death graph is erratic, with fluctuations varying widely daily.

The third is India. The Asian country had seen a surge in infections, which drove up its figures quickly. However, India has seen a slow down in both infections and deaths since December.

On Friday, the country reported 175 deaths, a record low not seen since June 2020. Total deaths have now crossed 152,000. Infections also hit a record low of 15,158, not seen since around June-July 2020.

Mexicos grim picture

Mexico is the fourth country in deaths, despite being 13th in infections. It has the worst deaths per infection rate among the top ten countries. The country has over 139,000 deaths, against just 1.61 million infections. That puts Mexico’s fatality rate at 8.6 per cent a very high rate.

Together, these four countries account for close to 900,000 of the world’s deaths. That’s close to 44 per cent of all world deaths.

But health experts have said actual deaths may be a lot higher as 2 million are only confirmed deaths.

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