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DCI exposes corrupt hospital boss

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has exposed a fraudulent hospital boss who has for some time being swindling Kenyans off their hard-earned money.

The DCI published Benson Mugendi Mbaka, aka Dr. Benson Mugendi Mbaka, on Wednesday the 25th of November 2020. Mugendi is Lifeline Group of Hospital director.

The hospital boss is currently in custody for fraudulent medical tenders, which summed up to ksh 200 million.

Following his arrest, the DCI also noted that there might be more people, who Mugendi has defrauded millions of Kenyan shillings, who were not part of the original lawsuit.

The investigative body further welcomed anybody else who has fallen victim to the hospital boss to come forward at the DCI headquarters and present their case.

“We are therefore appealing to such persons to make a report with the officer in charge of economic and commercial crimes unit at the DCI Headquarters- block B ground floor room number 12,” reads the statement in part.

DCI exposes corrupt hospital boss
The director of Lifeline Group of hospitals Benson Mugendi Mbaka alias Dr Benson Mugendi Mbaka. SOURCE:TWITTER

Fraudulent activities.

According to reports, Mugendi has been masquerading as a trained medical doctor while performing his illegal activities. He then lies to people that he can award medical tenders for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

From the accusations, Mugendi then solicits money from the unsuspecting people before giving them non-existing tenders. Making the deal even more believable, the hospital boss also gives out fake Local Purchase Orders (LPO).

“The doctor would allegedly direct the unsuspecting businessmen to supply samples of their goods before the tender is finally awarded,” one of the detectives said.

Mugendi, together with his wife, runs three hospitals along Thika Road in Kiambu County.

The DCI has cautioned Kenyans to be on the lookout for scrupulous business people who may be out to con people with fake tenders. Consequently, the investigative body has launched a crackdown on swindlers and defrauders that has seen several of them arrested.

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