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DCI raise alarm over conmen syndicate in Nairobi’s CBD

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has warned Kenyans to look out for fraudsters operating within Nairobi’s Central Business District.

DCI noted in a statement they had received a lot of complaints from members of the public.

“The well-organized group consists of young men and women who pose as sales agents,” read the statement in part.

Sleuths from DCI have appealed to members of the public who the fraudsters have hoodwinked to report to DCI’s serious Crime Unit.

Following the reports, they’ve vowed that security agencies would take necessary action.

The syndicate lures unsuspecting Kenyans into the infamous scratch to win a deal. According to reports at the DCI, they approach innocent Kenyans and lie to them about how they can win tablets or smartphones after participating in the game, a deal many find too good to ignore.
Characteristics of con artists within the CBD

Unbeknownst to many, the fraudsters come in vans with posters their victims will purportedly win. They pose under the façade of representing a specific telecommunication company.

Upon participating in the competition, you may win various items such as a USB reader, a charger, Bluetooth earphones, phones, and tablets.

However, before taking your gifts home, you must part with a certain amount of money.

When you open the expensive-looking boxes, later on, you’ll only get cheap knock-off electronics that are less than the amount of money one spent.

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