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Detectives arrest a 15-year-old girl for procuring an abortion

Detectives in Kabartonjo on Wednesday arrested a 15-year-old after she had procured abortion and umped the foetus in a pit latrine.

Reporting on the incident today morning, the DCI said they had acted on an infanticide report by Assistant Chief Joshua Kiptosok. In their search, they not only managed to retrieve the foetus but found two of them in the pit.

Infanticide report

“The officers, acting on an infanticide report from the Area Assistant Chief, demolished the pit latrine in an attempt to retrieve the foetus, only to discover that there were two infants immersed in the sludge of human waste,” The DCI said through its Twitter account.

Following the infants’ retrieval, the police took the two to the Bartabwa Health Centre, Kabartonjo. However, one of the fetuses was dead, while they referred the other one to the Baringo County Referral Hospital for further treatment.

“Meanwhile, the 15-year-old will be processed for her crime, in strict conformity to the law,” The DCI said.

Kenyans fault the DCI

However, a section of Kenyans under the DCI tweet faulted the DCI for arresting the minor. Indeed, some said that, with cases of sexual violence on young girls having been on the rise over the past year, she could have been a victim of the crime.

In Kenya, procuring an abortion remains illegal unless the pregnancy poses a danger for the mother or the infant. However, this has not stopped women from procuring unsafe abortions through the backdoor.

Unsafe abortions

In Kenya, studies found that unsafe abortions account for 18 % of all maternal deaths. Many of these are often done in backdoor clinics. There has been a rise in calls for the revision of the law regarding abortions.

Human rights activists have been calling for the legalization of abortion, which would ensure an end to unsafe abortions. The current abortion laws take away women’s autonomy to their bodies, they said.

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