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Detectives arrest suspect behind kidnapping of 4-year-old boy

Detectives from the DCI on Monday evening arrested the suspect behind the kidnapping of 4-year-old Liam Ngucwa.

The detectives arrested Charles King’ori, aka Delvin Maina, after a dramatic chase in Naivasha, with the suspect having braided his hair to hide his identity.

Attempted to escape

According to the DCI, King’ori had attempted to get away from detectives on his pursuit on a motorbike.

“Detectives have arrested King’ori after he tried to escape our dragnet, a few hours after we rescued the baby he had kidnapped,” The DCI said on Twitter, “So desperate were his attempts to escape justice, that he had visited a salon in the town to have his hair braided to conceal his identity.

“However, detectives were too smart for the suspect’s antics and they pounced on him as he escaped on a getaway motorbike.”

Relentless pursuit

The DCI revealed that the arrest came after a stealth and relentless pursuit by investigators. The detectives jumped on the trail of the getaway suspects following Liam’s kidnapping.

However, when they rescued Liam on Monday afternoon, the suspects had fled the scene. The detectives found Liam alone in a house in Naivasha.

“We thank members of the public who volunteered information, leading to the rescue of baby Liam and the arrest of the suspect,” the DCI said.

Charles King’ori had been working for Liam’s grandparents as the houseboy. However, on June 2nd, he would put his plan into motion when he took the baby from his Murang’a home. The last known trail of the two was at Thika.

Big threat

The case of Liam is part of a growing concerning number of kidnappings of people in Kenya.  Indeed, Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with one of the highest child-trafficking cases. Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa are often the areas where most trafficking occurs.

While children are often the biggest targets, there has been a rise in adults also going missing.

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