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DJ Evolve family squashes rumors about his death

The family of Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve has shot down claims that have doing rounds on social media platforms alleging that he had passed away.

The DJ has been nursing bullet injuries after he was allegedly shot in the neck twice by Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino on Thursday 16, January 2020 at B-Club located in Kilimani after a supposed disagreement with the legislator.

Speaking with a couple of media outlets, DJ Evolve’s father John Orinda rubbished the claims that his son was dead making it clear that he is still alive and is recuperating well at his brother’s home.

John said that he was shocked to learn about the rumors after getting many calls to confirm the same. He stated that he had been called by many media outlets to confirm the news.

He went on to explain that the device that was put on his throat is still there but he is not talking yet adding that whoever is spreading the news about his son’s death has malicious intent.

John noted that he had called his other son who stays with him and also confirmed that he is doing well.

“I have been called by another journalist asking about the same. Whoever is spreading that information is not a good person. A person who can proclaim death on someone alive? What kind of a person is that?” he posed.

DJ Evolve’s father revealed that his son has shown progress since he was discharged from the hospital as he can now seat on his own in free space for one hour but can do eight hours on a chair before sleeping.

His brother Andrew Orinda while speaking to K24 Digital also confirmed that the DJ is was recuperating well at their home in Fedha estate.

Fears over his survival started days after the shooting but Nairobi Hospital doctors assured the public that none of his vital organs was affected therefore he would pull through after surgery.

After a series of surgeries and medication at a Nairobi hospital, DJ Evolve was discharged on Thursday 18 June 2020 to continue his recovery at home.

Babu Owino who is out on Ksh. 10 million bail has been catering for his medication and has been in constant touch with the family.

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