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    Don’t Throw Your Old Smartphone in the Trash: 6 Ideas on How to Use It

    Have you bought a new smartphone? Don’t hurry to throw the old one away! Here are the six ways to get the most from this gadget.

    A Backup Phone

    A phone always comes in handy as a backup for your contacts or important messages. You can take it with you on trips during which you will worry about a newer and better model.

    Another advantage of such a phone is that you can assign it a private number or a new one if you want to use it anonymously, for example on 22Bet or dating sites. With an app like Burner (Google Play, App Store), you can make calls every time from a one-time, short-term available number.

    Even if it doesn’t have a SIM card, it can be used to call for help with an emergency phone number, so it’s suitable as an alarm system.

    Car Radio and GPS

    Do you have to wait for your tech to connect to everything you need via Bluetooth every time you get in your car? Or maybe you need to tie it up with a bunch of tangled cables (for charging, sound, etc.)?

    An old smartphone can still come in handy for a permanent installation in the car. Its screen, even if it’s cut by a grid of cracks, can come in handy as a simple GPS to support Google Maps.

    It probably won’t work as a hands-free talking device, you’ll still plug in the phone you’re currently using. But as a permanent system for streaming music, podcasts, or audiobooks in the car, it will work great.

    A Camera to Monitor the Nursery or Home

    You really don’t need to spend money on expensive surveillance to keep an eye on your child or the whole house. You can adapt your old smartphone to do this with the Dormi app (Google Play) or Cloud Baby Monitor (Google Play, App Store). They allow you to view live camera images literally anywhere. They can also alert you when your baby is crying or let you talk to them remotely.

    An old smartphone can be effectively used as a home monitoring system. So, all you need is the right app, pair it with your current device, and you’re all set.

    Homemade GoPro Webcam

    Do you like first-person videos of extreme mountain biking, motorcycling or other sports riding? An old smartphone can help you create them perfectly. All you need is a memory card, a camera that can record movies!

    A smaller device can be attached to your helmet, a larger one on your chest, such as on your vest. You can also buy a simple Bluetooth remote to start recording without touching the camera itself, and we can go on an extreme adventure.

    Digital Photo Frame

    This is especially good for big cameras and old smartphones. Set them up at work or at home and upload your favorite photos. Then all you need is one of the simple and affordable apps like LiveFrame (App Store) or Dayframe (Android) and our phone becomes a digital photo frame, which will be displayed as a slideshow. Such a camera or tablet can also be connected to Google Photos, Flickr and other accounts to access photos stored in the cloud.

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