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DPP says murder case to proceed despite Nyeri billionaire’s death

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has stated that a case where a Nyeri tycoon was charged with killing his son would continue despite his death.

According to court files, the DPP had dropped the charges against the late Stephen Wang’ondu after receiving an official communication from Outspan hospital in Nyeri confirming the billionaire’s demise.

The businessman faced the charges alongside four other suspects who he allegedly paid to murder his son Daniel Mwangi.

State Counsel Duncan Odimu noted that the state would proceed with the case against the other suspects.

At Wang’ondu’s lawyer Mahugu Mbarire’s request, Judge Florence Muchemi ordered the deceased businessman’s surety release.

Florence also further ordered the release of the businessman’s Toyota Prado to David Mworia,one of his sons on condition that he would not dispose of the car until the matter was determined.

However, the prosecutor said that one of the accused was turned into a state witness and would testify against the other suspects.

The case is scheduled to be mentioned in June 2021.

The Thika-based billionaire made headlines after he was arrested on Wednesday, February 24, after he was accused of hiring assassins to murder his son.

Detectives established that the businessman had paid the hitmen a total of Sh160,000 for them to carry out the murder.

One of the suspects in the case also claimed that the late Wang’ondu had been involved in a love affair with his son’s wife, which might have caused some conflict between the two.

Other than jealousy, detectives said that Mwangi’s father was keen to collect millions of shillings for a life insurance cover that his son had taken.

Mwangi was found dead on January 1, 2021, in his hometown in Mweiga, which led to investigations from police officers who wanted to determine the motive behind the death.

Nyeri residents also protested after Mwangi’s death as they demanded police officers to dispense justice and ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

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