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Drama as ‘dead’ man resurrects and screams while morgue attendants prepare him

It is not every day that a dead man resurrects from the dead and rejoin the land of the living. However, mortuary attendants at the Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County experienced a ‘resurrection’ after a man ‘came back from the dead.’

A mortuary attendant was going around regular duties attending to a body when he got the shock of his life. As is the norm, the attendant pierced the man’s right leg to infuse formalin and preserve the body.

To his shock, the man let out a curdling scream that sent everyone at the mortuary running to save their life.

Wrongfully declared dead.

The ‘dead’ man who goes by the name Peter Kiplangat Kigen had been complaining of stomach ache before this incident.

While speaking to Citizen TV Digital, his uncle, Denis Langat, disclosed that Kiplangat had fainted while at his home on Tuesday morning the 24th of November 2020. His family rushed him to the Kapkatet hospital to receive medical attention.

According to the patient’s uncle, the nurse who received Kiplangat pronounced him dead after examining him. The medics then transferred Kiplangat to the hospital’s morgue for preservation.

The mortuary attendant began the process of preparing him, and that is when he gained consciousness and screamed out of pain.

Although other people scampered away for safety, the morgue attendant gathered enough courage to wheel Kiplangat back to the hospital. The medics received him at the casualty ward, and he is currently recuperating.

His family, however, is not pleased with the turn of events and is now demanding justice for their kin. The family further insists that this was a case of negligence on the part of the hospital.

The hospital management had not commented on the matter by the time of publishing this article.

A medic can declare a patient dead if the heart stops beating and does not start on its own. However, hearts can be helped to start beating again.

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