Home News Driver beaten up by bodaboda riders outside GSU headquaters

Driver beaten up by bodaboda riders outside GSU headquaters

A driver whose tires burst along Thika Road super highway became a victim of attack after his vehicle hit a bodadaboda rider. The bodaboda riders descended upon the driver, causing drama on the highway.

Eye witnesses revealed that the driver experienced a tyre burst. Consequently, he lost control of his vehicle and hit a rider. The incident happened at Allsops, right outside GSU headquaters.

Angered by the accident, other riders descended on the driver. Other drivers tried to save him by hooting, but the riders did not move. They continued beating him.

A few GSU officers arrived at the scene. They managed to stop the commotion and clear the traffic snarl-up that the commotion had caused. The officers also reprimanded the bodaboda riders who had taken the law into their hands. They noted that the rider and the driver could easily have reached an amicable solution.

One witness questioned why the riders beat the driver up yet it was not his fault that he lost control of the vehicle. He reiterated that the driver did not hit the bodaboda rider on purpose.


Lately, the rider community has been protesting about road safety. The protests are as a result of the significant increase in the number of road accidents involving riders and cyclists.

On Saturday, Rachael Ruto, Deputy President William Ruto’s wife joined a group of cyclists in a protest. The cyclists rode around Nairobi in honor of Kui Gitonga, a rider who died after a vehicle hit her motorcycle causing an accident.

A speeding driver hit Kui’s motorcycle from the back. Well-wishers rushed her to hospital but unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries.

Rachel Ruto revealed that they cycled in honor of Kui, whose life was cut short by a reckless driver. The DP’s wife revealed that Kui was a volunteer road marshall for cycling groups during her free time. She also noted the importance of prioritizing road safety.

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