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    Features a website should offer

    How do you know features a website should offer are within your grasp? An amalgamation of factors makes this happen.

    The combinations widely vary depending on the specific needs of an enterprise. With such variations, deciding whether a business stands out from the rest is difficult. The litmus test would be for it to deliver the expected objectives.

    Notwithstanding the innumerable pliable, there are telling, and specific features of an impeccably designed site.

    The type of industry or business doesn’t matter, several barometers they measure against your site. In this write-up, I discuss some of the most outstanding features any well-built website needs to deliver remarkable results.

    1. The Particulars of Your Business

    Anytime you want to showcase your business to prospective clients, incorporating the 5W’s gives you an upper hand.

    • What do you provide? Communicate distinctly the services or items you offer.
    • Who are you? Customers need to be on the know about your business. Introduce the team working on your brand. Provide your mission statement.
    • How and (when) can clients reach you? If your business is not online. Ensure you list your working hours. If you’re on any social media platform, customers need to be aware of when services are available. Your contact info needs to stand out on each of your site pages.
    • Why is your venture worthy of attention? Customers must know your business performs highly than its peers. Showcase products that other companies in your niche don’t have. Whether locally – sourced material, more elegant product, or a lower price.
    • Where can clients buy your services and goods? If you don’t operate an online business, make sure customers know how to locate you. If online, let them know where they can shop or sign up. If it’s an ensemble of the two, indicate all the places they can locate your brand.

    Be it on the homepage or product page, visitors to your site need to know what the business entails. Ensure excellent communication of value proposition on each page.

    1. Engaging and Relevant Content

    A great way to attract new visitors on your website is by incorporating relatable content. Whether you’re providing services or goods, a web copy takes your business a notch higher. Indulge with forums in your industry and get to know questions clients ask.

    Make sure Google Adwords Keyword Planner is your friend, as it helps you discover what clients search for online.

    For instance, a real estate company search “real estate” in the keyword planner will automatically come across searches such as “homes for sale” and “property to rent.” Your company could go ahead and craft content based on their findings.

    It’s paramount that the content you create is shareable on social media. Apart from encouraging viewers to spread the word, think of the material as a marketing tool.

    1. An Accommodating Navigation

    Make it possible for any visitor on your site to stay longer so that they become a customer. Ascertain a viewer can get around quickly. Some tips for good usability are:

    • A sitemap. Sitemaps not only help first-time visitors get what they want, but they also assist prospective customers in finding you in search engines. They are important.
    • Mobile design. With an ever-shifting market trend, mobile users are increasingly shopping while browsing. Ensure your website can use tablets, smartphones, or a computer.
    • An outstanding call to action. When a visitor comes across your website, they should know the services you offer. Instead of using “browse the store,” “shop now” comes out as a commanding call to action.
    • Easy navigation. Upon clicking on a link, a viewer must know where to go next. Menus should be intuitive and labeled clearly.
    • Simplicity. As compared to tons of frills and content, functional and clean design is more attractive. Site pages should be about the essentials.

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    4. Tools of Analysis

    Offering your customers a broad spectrum online experience allows you to know about them. In turn, depending on your findings, you adjust strategy. Google Analytics comes in handy when learning the interests of your visitors. Below are ways in which you can utilize analytics in your approach:

    • Behavior: The strategy of your content should align with your audience. More so, look into pages that are least and most popular.
    • Technology: Are smartphone users visiting your site leaving immediately? Maybe the cell phone experience isn’t friendly. If chrome users are not engaging more as compared to Safari, go through the chrome site and fix the problem.
    • Returning versus new visitors: If you’re not attracting new visitors, perhaps its time to enhance marketing efforts. For customers coming back, a newsletter may keep them engaged.

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    5. Straightforward Contact Information

    Contact information should feature on your website because there are customers who will reach out with queries. If you use email, list one that clients can get a response.

    Come up with a list of all their questions then create the FAQs area. Having a FAQ area on your website help you answer fewer questions via email.

    In the digital age, there’s more you can offer your visitors than a web presence. A website is a brand. Keeping returning and first-time visitors engaged will not only make them your brand advocates but also loyal customers.

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