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How to File Nil Tax Returns on KRA iTax Portal in Kenya

File KRA Nil Tax Returns – What’s a nil return? You will File for a Nil Return if your earnings are below the taxable income or if you don’t earn anything.
Home Page
1.    Go to the itax website using this Link : itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/  * Login into system with PIN.

2.     Click on File Nil Return under Returns tab link from menu for opening Nil Return filing form.


Obligation Selection Page
1.     For Taxpayer login Select Type field will be disable with default value Self and for the Agent or IA login value will be enable. Select value from list. Select Self for filing self return and select Client for filing the client return.

2.     For Taxpayer login Taxpayer PIN field will be read Only with default Taxpayer PIN value. For Agent or IA login if the value for Select Type will Self then field will read only with the logged in Taxpayer PIN value while in case of Client filed will be enterable. Enter the correct PIN of client for whom agent want to file return.

3.     Select Tax Obligation value from dropdown. Dropdown will show the list of registered obligation for the PIN entered in to the Taxpayer PIN value.

4.     Click on Next button to navigate to next page.

5.     Click on Back button to navigate to Home Page.


Nil Return Filing Form
1.     Fill basic Return information as required in the form.

2.     Click on Submit button to submit return the data.



Summary Page
1.     System will check for the business validation. If any validation fails then system will shows the Error Description.

2.     Click on Back button to navigate to return filing page.


Download Acknowledgement Receipt
1.     Click on Download Returns Receipt to download generated acknowledgement receipt.

2.     Click on Back button to navigate to return obligation selection page.


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