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Fire destroys multi million property at CBD terminus

A huge fire witnessed a the Kisumu bus terminus reduced properties worth millions of shillings to ashes.

According to witnesses, the fire started at one shop before spreading to close buildings and buses.

“I got a phone call at 4 am informing me that a fire had broken out at the bus station. I arrived too late, and therefore I was unable to save anything from my shop. The fire burnt everything to the ground,” narrated one trader.

Some traders ran in and out to salvage some of their belongings while others stood in disbelief after long their goods.

Some traders lamented how they lost property belonging to their customers. Apart from destroying the shops, the razing fire also destroyed buses parked nearby.

“I went home after parking the bus. However, at around 4 am, I received a call notifying me that there was a fire. I came and drove my vehicle to safety. Also, we had to break windows to other vehicles before pushing them to safer grounds,” said a driver.

With assistance from members of the public, the county firefighters managed to contain the fire. As a result, they managed to save a lot of property.

No person was injured, and officials have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

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