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Former legislature loses building over accrued rent

A former member of parliament will likely lose his property within Nairobi’s Central Business District because of rent arrears.

According to a report by Business Daily on Thursday, the former Wajir legislature Arale Hassan lost his lack to safeguard Wakulima House as a commercial center.

Hassan hoped to execute an agreement they made when leasing the building in 2015, arguing that the management extended the lease in 2018.

The former member of parliament also argued that he had secured money worth Ksh 646 million, which would help renovate the building to a business center.

He added that several investors had put in around Ksh 250 million to help turn the business into a premier business empire.

He accused the current management of breaching the previous agreement stating he had secured the building for 25 years.

On the other hand, the management dismissed the former legislature’s claim saying nothing of the sort had transpired, and they didn’t have any documentation to prove he leased the building.

They added that he didn’t have the permission to change the building, and he had rent arrears that continued piling up, despite subletting the property to different people.

The management further said Hassan had accumulated rent worth Ksh 90 million since taking over the building.

The court ruled in favor of the management, saying Hassan had failed to explain why he should continue leasing the building.

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