Former Tahidi High actor reveals Omosh refused to go to rehab, worried he could sell his newly built house


Former Tahidi High Kevin Onyiso, popularly known as Eddy, has raised his concerns over his former colleague and actor Joseph Kinuthia, commonly known as Omosh, over his drinking habit, saying that he might sell his newly built house so that he can quench his thirst.

Eddy, while responding to those who were castigating Omosh, said that the actor who has come out twice this month to seek financial help from Kenyans needs to seek medical attention first before doing anything else.

He noted that his fellow actor needs to urgently be rehabilitated as he had ignored the call from his fellow actors when he became rich.

Speaking to a local online media outlet, Eddy, who now works as a Content Specialist, added that even now, Omosh has refused to get medical help as he only cares about getting his next quick fix.

Eddy revealed that his other fellow former Tahidi High actress Shirleen Wangari, popularly known as Shish, had willingly sorted help from a NACADA official going by the name Philip.

He added that Philip was ready to make sure Omosh went through a three-month rehabilitation process.

Additionally, Eddy said that he had told Omosh’s second wife, Shanty Mumbi, to advise her husband to go to rehab, but she failed to do so despite assuring him.

“ I had talked to Shish and she said the man (Philip) was ready to take Omosh on rehab as he know the money would soon disappear and urged that we join hands in helping him but he never came along,” Eddy said.

Eddy revealed that after Omosh got help from Kenyans, he went to visit him days later at his house only to find that he had no money, and after a small conversation with him, he realized Omosh now depended on the pledges that Kenyans had put forward.

The former actor disclosed that he even advised Omosh’s wife to move to their new house, but they declined, arguing that it was in the village.

After Omosh came out seeking help for the second time, Kenyans bashed him for being irresponsible after it emerged that he received more than Ksh. one million from Kenyans.

However, he defended himself, saying that he had a lot of debts to pay, and that was why he had nothing left in his pockets.

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