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Former Wajir governor thrown out of a meeting

Wajir county’s power struggle continues playing with residents yet to determine who’s their legitimate leader.

During the Matiang’i-led National Development implementation and communication cabinet committee, confusion was witnessed.

After it realized the chair committee, two governors were representing Wajir county.

During the introduction, both Ahmed Ali Muktar and Mohammed Abdi Mohamud introduced themselves as Wajir county bosses.

However, police offices were called to eject honourable Mohammed Abdi Mohamud from the meeting. He, however, requested to walk out peacefully without causing a commotion.

During the arrival earlier, Muktar protested when he found Mohamud occupying his seat. He later backed down and decided to sit behind the former governor.

Honourable Mohamud was spotted during the Council of Governors meeting held in Nairobi on Tuesday, June 29.

An 11-member committee deliberated on Mohamud’s impeachment before presenting a 144-page report on reasons for his removal.

25 out of 47 senators approved his impeachment, surpassing the required threshold of 24. Four senators abstained from the vote, while two opposed the impeachment.

The governor participated in the deterioration of the health sector. He ran the system down by misappropriating Ksh 2.4 billion allocated to the department of medical services. However, the county lab didn’t have the equipment to help administer the Covid-19 testing process because of a lack of reagents and faulty test kits,” read a report from the Wajir county government.

The governor denied the healthcare system in Wajir county suffered during his tenure.

Since the promulgation of the new Constitution, Wajir governor is the ninth county boss to face impeachment.

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