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Goldenscape CEO Peter Wangai disappears

Peter Wangai, the embattled Goldenscape CEO, has escaped once more.

According to a Citizen TV report, a Nairobi court issued an arrest warrant against the greenhouse business founder.

However, Wangai failed to appear before the court during the case’s hearing. Wangai faces the accusation of defrauding innocent and hardworking Kenyans with millions of shillings through the collapsed greenhouse scheme.

He failed to appear for a court hearing scheduled for March this year, but his lawyer defended his absence stating he had contracted the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

Despite the court rescheduling the court date, Wangaifailed to show up again.

The besieged Wangai fast went missing in 2020 after Citizen TV covered news regarding his fleecing tendencies and malpractices.

In the expose, almost 53 people lodged complaints claiming they invested in the company. They presented their grievances to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations according to Citizen’s Prime Time News of Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

The embattled Goldenscape founder faces 360 criminal charges from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

All charges against Wangai are contained in 18 different files.

Despite the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arresting Wangai last month, he pleaded not guilty to all 21 counts of fraud-related charges.

“Through his Goldenscape company, Wangai lured innocent Kenyans to invest in greenhouses he planned to set up in Ol Kalou, Nyahururu and other places which instead turned out to be fraudulent investment deal,” read DCI’s statement in part.

In his defence, Peter Wangai said he was only the company’s director.


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