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Government issues new guidelines for bars, orders them to hire Covid-19 officers

The government has issued new directives to bars in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19.

In the guidelines, the State requires bars to employ Covid-19 officers. Covid-19 officers will act as a link between the government and social places.

The guidelines require Covid-19 officers to restrict the number of people getting into bars and clubs. This new measure is in accordance with the rules of social distancing which the Ministry of Health put in place.

In addition to restricting the number of people, Covid-19 officers have a responsibility to report any suspected case of Covid-19 be it workers or customers. The government is yet to gazette these new guidelines.

Part of the guidelines states that every establishment shall appoint and train a Covid-19 liaison officer. Additionally, it states that the liaison officer would be the point of contact with the Sub County Liquor Licensing Committee, the Ministry of Health, and other key players in the sector.

The liaison officer will keep the necessary officials informed of the emerging health information as well as the safety information. They will also report on Covid-19 preventive measures and hygiene.

With time, the government will come up with the Covid-19 code of conduct. This legislation will tighten the regulations for bars.

Other new rules

Bars no longer have the liberty to use their dance floors. Additionally, the government expects them to minimize contact between the customers and the workers.

Bars will also need to have spacious designated waiting and collection areas for goods and customers. This is in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Additionally, bars will need to put up a signage that shows whether the establishment has reached the maximum number of customers or not.

The National Police Service recently reported that ever since bars reopened, 60 people in the country have lost their lives as a result of drunk driving.

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