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Governor Lonyangapuo feared missing

A section of leaders in West Pokot County has raised concerns over the whereabouts of West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapouo. No one has seen the Governor in public for over three weeks.

Samuel Poghisio, the County Senator and Senate Majority Leader, said that West Pokot residents have no idea of where their Governor is.

Speaking to a local news station, Mr. Poghisio said that the Governor’s family should issue a statement on his whereabouts.

“The family should communicate. The Governor is a public figure, and the County has closed down,” the Senate Majority leader said.

West Pokot residents said that they had not seen the Governor since 17th December 2020. Additionally, some claimed that their attempts to reach him on the phone have been futile.

Some of the residents have speculated that Governor Lonyangapuo is ill.

On leave

In response to the concerns, County Chief of Staff Elijah Kapelo dismissed claims that the Governor is ill or missing. He said that Lonyangapuo was on leave.

“The Governor went for Christmas holiday and some bit of annual leave. He was on the radio on 31st December 2020, and he addressed the residents,” Mr. Kapelo said.

The County Chief of Staff also said that the West Pokot Governor would be back in the office next week.

Residents have since questioned who is in charge of the County right now.

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