GSU graduands in trouble over viral brag video


The GSU graduands recorded themselves on video bragging about how ‘bad’ they were. [Courtesy]

New General Service Unit (GSU) graduands, who were recorded on video bragging about how “bad” they were, are in trouble with the National Police Service.

The undated video, which the police service suggests was taken recently, shows ten graduands taking turns to brag in front of what appears to be a phone camera.

“We are through [with the training programme]! We are representing [the GSU]…What we’re wearing on our heads is called the red beret. We are coming out there… We are the bad ones! We are called Squad 26,” they took turns to say.

The National Police Service now says the graduands’ viral reaction to completing the programme, was “regrettable” as the remarks were “irresponsible and reckless”.

In a press statement on Wednesday night, the police service said: “We wish to clarify and assure the public that the behaviour portrayed in the clip is not acceptable and does not reflect the values of the GSU, Kenya Police Service and the National Police Service.”

“All graduands went through a rigorous value-based training modelled on democratic policing principles and designed to make them responsive and responsible officers of the law at the service of citizens. The remarks, as made in the clip, are therefore regrettable and stand condemned,” added the police service.

Authorities said an internal review of the graduands’ conduct has been embarked on.

“Appropriate measures regarding the incident will, thereafter, be taken,” said the police service.

The 30-second video clip went viral on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, with Kenyans expressing concern that the GSU graduands were “eager to mete out violence on civilians”.

The police service denies that that is the intention of GSU department.

“GSU is renowned for its focused training aimed at producing highly disciplined and responsible officers,” said the police service in its statement.

“The oath of allegiance they took as part of their graduation is a testament to the sanctity of their duty to service.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday presided over the graduation of 2,500 GSU cadets in Embakasi, Nairobi.

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