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He was preaching water while drinking wine – Renowned City lawyer exposes immediate former CJ Maraga

Well-known City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has claimed that people should know better and stop heaping praise on the immediate former Chief Justice David Maraga as he was not as holy as many think during his time at the Judiciary.

The outspoken lawyer in a series of tweets on Tuesday 12 January 2021argued that David Maraga who retired on Monday 11 left a Supreme Court that was full of corruption.

He said that people should not follow the propaganda and but should question what kind of a legacy the former Chief Justice left behind.

“Leave out the polemic and propaganda…what is the lasting legacy of CJ David Maraga? He bequeathed to Kenya a corrupt Supreme Court,” he said.

He added that his hypocrisy of preaching water while drinking wine was the sanctimonious fraud that defined his tenure.

He challenged David Maraga that if he was a decent and honest Kenyan, he should come clean on the issue of one of the senior judges of the Supreme Court who took KSh. 220 million as a bribe.

He claimed that Maraga together with him know the judge who took the bribe. He noted that intelligent Kenyans must read a lot on Maraga’s astute silence on the matter.

On Monday, David Maraga officially handed over the instruments of power to his deputy Philomena Mwilu at an event held at the Supreme Courts.

Maraga in his speech assured the country that he had left behind a strong Judiciary, a professional and enthusiastic corps of judges and judicial officers as well as the staff who are deeply committed to the administration of justice.

He thanked Kenyans for their solidarity noting that their steadfast defense in moments of trials only strengthened his resolve to serve them till this last day in office.

Mwilu on her part praised the outgoing CJ pointing out that his life has been of service, professional and personal example characterized by integrity, fidelity to rule of law, and most importantly obedience to God.

She added that she had gained immensely from working with him as he encouraged her in moments of weakness. She further added that as president of their court, Maraga led them with knowledge.

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