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Heavy rains cause traffic nightmare in Nairobi

Following the heavy rains in Nairobi, hundreds of vehicles remain stuck on roads for long hours, causing a lot of traffic.

Since Monday, heavy rainfall has been pounding the city. It leaves behind a trail of misery and destruction.

Mombasa road, Thika road, Jogoo Road, and Waiyaki way all have traffic day and night. Both commuters and motorists have had to deal with it. Reports show that some people had to spend the night on the road last night.

“We are stuck in a jam that is not moving at Industrial Area for the three and half hours. Can somebody link up with traffic department Embakasi or lndustrial Area to assist?” A commuter told journalists.

The ongoing infrastructural constructions all over Nairobi does make the situation even worse. The Expressway construction has proved to be a headache to all Mombasa road users.

The heavy deluge causes flash floods that motorists have to wade through daily. City residents will have to persevere for several days to come as the Kenya Meteorological Department warned that the heavy rains would continue throughout the week.

“Currently, there are high water levels in rivers and other water retention areas. Therefore, it is likely that the rains may cause flooding over flood plains and other areas not well-drained,” the Met department warned.

The department also said that there is a possibility the rains would reduce in intensity starting tomorrow.

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