Horrific moment as toddler walks along a narrow ledge of a storey building


A video was captured in Playa Paraiso located in Tenerife, one of the largest Spain Islands showing a toddler walking along the ledge of an apartment building on the fourth floor. It is alleged the parents of the toddler were taking a shower at the time.

The footage was taken by the daughter of one of the tourists in a neighbouring apartment, as the father went to alert the security.

In the video, the girl climbs out of the window then walks on the ledge of the apartment, she walks towards the flat balcony while brushing her left hand on the wall. She reaches a  railing on the balcony climbs over it but goes back the way she came where it seems like she loses her balance but manages to get it back.

The video has over 4 million views from Facebook. Many of the viewers commented on the video, with some giving harsh comments.

One of the users said, “Why would the parents take a shower at the same time and leave the toddler alone it is the parent’s fault.

Another user said, ” How can a parent not ensure safety for their child some people do not deserve to have kids. ”

Other users have defended the parents, and one of them said, “I’m sure the parent/parents thought the window/door was closed,” wrote one woman. “While this could have been very tragic, let’s not judge unless we know the whole story and just be glad the child is ok.”


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