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    How to Be a Beat Maker in Kenya: The Best Beat Making Software in Kenya

    Every type of modern music typically relies on beats. From old-school hip hop and pop to the progressive house and trap music, none of these genres would exist without having the skills for a robust rhythmic framework. The high number of recording artistes which has sprung up for the last decade has also made the sound production business thrive; hence the availability beat making software in Kenya.

    Many people have or are now undergoing specialized training to help them make a variety of beats. This high demand for beats has also made the creation of beat making software a necessity. From free to paid versions, there are a lot of beat making software available for use, to anyone who has a computer.

    Becoming a Kenyan Beat Maker in Few, Simple Steps

    The job of a music producer or a beatmaker is a pretty simple one if at all one falls in love with music to start with. All that has to be done is to find musical instruments and create sounds that fit in together. These are used to as building blocks to;

    • Come up with various small musical phrases, loops, and patterns. Such include drum beats, basslines, melody ideas, etc.
    • Combine the small phrases to create larger musical sections. They can be subdivided into the intro, verse, and chorus parts.
    • The beats can be played alongside recorded vocals.
    • To make it a finished product, the levels ought to be adjusted, and one can go ahead to add audio effects. This is done by techniques such as mixing and mastering.

    Different people have various methods to come up with music beats. At times, they can have a melody line in their head, which they try to recreate with the right equipment. Others will play with the various sounds on their software randomly until they come up with something which sounds workable.

    What is required to make Beats?

    In the contemporary age, making beats has become rather simple as one only needs a computer, the necessary software, and the right speakers or headphones. It doesn’t really matter the type of machine being used, as long as it is compatible with the software in use.

    There has been a lot of contention whether Mac computers are better than PCs. The fact is, as long as it has an excellent graphics interface, enough RAM, and enough space to backup all your work, then it is a good candidate.

    If one does not mind about the portability features available on laptops, some pretty good desktops can provide them with the best experience.

    Free vs. Commercial Beat Making Software

    There are numerous free beat making software that can be easily accessed and used by both beginner and veteran beatmakers in Kenya. These tools have almost all that is required to come up with some of the best beats which can even be used by the world’s best musicians.

    They come with numerous features and add ons, which can be appreciated by many music producers and beatmakers.

    On the other hand, paid beat making software are also good, if not better than the free versions. The interfaces appear a lot cooler and are embedded with excellent features to match their prices.

    But of the two types, what is the best software for making beats in Kenya? The answer to this solely depends on an individual. However, if starting, the unpaid version would make a lot of sense.

    Paid software might have just a few extra features the free versions might lack. But this does not mean the free models aren’t usable. There is only a small difference in terms of user-friendliness & interface, the sound texture of the instruments, and the number of sound effects available.

    One of the main differences between the two and which is more significant is the time it takes to update to a newer version. Commercial beat making software have regular updates, and the time to fix bugs is rather quick.

    Furthermore, customer support is a bit more responsive than with free software. Update releases are also another feature that differentiates the two. When there is an update for a free version, it can easily be downloaded and launched.

    However, the updates for commercial products will not come cheaply. One has to pay for them, so it’ll become expensive for someone who does not make music beats professionally as there will be no returns.

    In terms of safety, not all free programs are good. Some of them might come with adware or even malware, which could potentially damage your computer. After all, they are free, and that’s what you stand to get for such products.

    However, not all of them are unsafe. There are a few which actually live up to their standards, giving the commercial software companies a run for their money.

    So what are the top ten best free software for making beats? This post covers the ten best currently available. They have all been tested and approved for use.

    Top 10 Free Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

    1.   Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio)

    FL Studio has been one of the best beat making software in Kenya for PC and Mac OS X for a long time now. This is a full digital audio workstation that provides a total music production environment for its millions of users.

    This software has all that one needs to make music, from being a beginner’s choice to being a trusted program for professional music producers.

    There are plenty of useful tools that can help to compose, combine phrases, record, editing, and mixing the sound. This is also a fully-featured DAW software that might make an average user take a while to master using it.

    However, after learning the program, one will soon be making good beats that are ready for broadcast.

    Besides, there are hundreds of tutorials available online to help one to get through the steep learning curve.


    • The interface has been designed to go easy on the eyes, lessening the straining which is notoriously popular with some other software
    • The copy and paste functions are beneficial to beginners
    • There are many free tutorials to get a beginner introduced to its concept


    • The main concern which arises with the use of FL Studio is that it lacks specific audio tools and effects which more advanced programs have. This, therefore, may take it off the list for serious music producers

    2.   MAGIX Music Maker

    The beat Magix Music Maker is yet another key player in the beat production industry. After its creation, this program took quite a while to pick up, but after the introduction of some optimized features, many people welcomed it.

    There are various features available that can be adjusted, such as bass, noise extortion, volume, etc.

    The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use settings make this software useful for beginners and professionals alike. The biggest drawback this program has is that it is a beatmaker for Windows only.


    • There is a vast library of sounds and loops from six different genres
    • There is a wide selection of virtual instruments to use. They are 11 in total
    • The VST2 and VST3 user-friendly interface is used
    • Many settings are easy to understand


    • Lack of audio restoration tools
    • Warping capabilities are also limited
    • Only available for Windows

    3.   Garage Band

    This software, which is exclusively available to Mac OS users, does an incredible job at making beats not only for beginners but to professionals alike. The program has been in use for quite some time now.

    The large community of users is quite helpful, too, as there are many forums where one can get ideas on how to use the product.

    Furthermore, numerous video tutorials can be found online to help amateurs. The user-friendly interface is clean and contains everything any beatmaker would need. There are over a million sound combinations, tools, and presets available on the program.


    • It supports MIDI
    • Works as standalone software for piano and guitar lessons
    • It has over 50 musical instruments which can be used to make a variety of music beats


    • The interface is not as attractive compared to other beat making programs
    • It might not be the best software for serious beatmakers as it lacks some essential advanced tools

    4.   Muse Score

    Along with an easy to comprehend user interface, Muse Score also provides basic beginner tutorials to begin making beats easily. As a full DAW, the software offers more than just the ability to create beats.

    This product, however, is best used in producing musical notation, making it the best for classical music. Apart from just the composition, editing, and mixing, one can access a musical sheet that reflects their creativity.


    • It can be translated into 43 languages
    • There are different modes for the entry of notes, i.e., MIDI, keyboards, or using the mouse
    • Files can be imported in several formats, including pdf, wav, midi, FLAC, png, etc.


    • Many bugs might take a while to get fixed.

    5.   LMMS

    LMMS, which stands for Let’s Make Music, is open-source software that has performed so well in helping millions across the globe to make professional beats. If you were to conduct a survey, close to every professional beatmaker in Kenya has also used it.

    The learning curve for this product is not very steep, but it is a long one. However, there is a large online community where one can get all the relevant training.

    The average-looking graphic interface can be a bummer, but a whole array of features available compensates this. There are many sample tracks one can listen to and get ideas to create their own beats. These can be downloaded in various output formats such as wav, OGG, and many others.


    • There are numerous instruments included
    • There is online support which proves to be very useful


    • The software is unable to import mp3 files
    • Several bugs can cause the software to freeze at times

    6.   Ardour

    Offering both audio and MIDI multi-track recording & editing, Ardour is another full-fledged open-source DAW that has taken the music industry by storm. The program boasts of an extensive library of AU plugins.

    There is a third-party VST integration that has an inline plugin control.

    The product is unique in a way, as it offers a non-linear editing style, away from the traditional analog and digital tape system. Compatible with numerous audio interfaces, Ardour is a perfect choice for the best free beat making software in Kenya.


    • LV2 plugin support
    • Clean linear interface


    • Too many plugins, making the software difficult to maneuver to amateurs.

    7.   DrumFlow

    With over 127 drum banks which can be imported to the MIDI editor, DrumFlow becomes one of the most powerful drum sequencer software. One can create customized drum loops & percussion parts, and that is the main reason this program is on the list.


    • Supports saving beats in different formats
    • User-friendly interface


    • The in-built music is not entirely effective.

    8.   Ordrumbox

    With a graphic interface that will make the user have a studio feel, Ordrumbox, which is not a very popular software has all the reasons to make it appear on such a list. Music beats can easily be made and downloaded thanks to the numerous extraordinary features.

    This product has built an excellent reputation for itself among famous music producers, as amateurs are trying to make good of it.


    • User-friendly interface which is easy to understand fast
    • Ability to save files in different formats
    • Several built-in tunes


    • Slow mixing features

    9.   Hydrogen

    Hydrogen is popular among many beatmakers due to its unmatched convenience. It is compatible with various operating systems, apart from having some of the most intuitive options which can be easily used. Hydrogen is more or less related to Ordrumbox.

    The interface may be challenging for beginners and will require more training to comprehend its nitty-gritty.


    • Multiple formats to save files
    • Usable intuitive options


    • It does not have a user-friendly interface.

    10. Splice

    This is a top-rated program for many music producers who praise it for its plugins. Adding and removing sounds is simple, even though it does not support musical typing. The basic sounds of snares, drum beats, etc. can be found alongside other supplementary sounds.


    • It is straightforward to use
    • It is possible to build on other producer’s sounds to create a new one


    • The biggest drawback associated with Splice is that for one to download the file, they must become a subscriber first.


    The search for the best free beat making software in Kenya will finally come to an after going through this comprehensive list. All the basic features are available to get anyone kicking in as they begin their careers in beat making.

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