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    How to Plan and Prepare for a Household Move in Kenya

    Moving involves a lot of organization and preparation. It is a point in life where if one has too many household goods, the experience can be quite overwhelming. Regardless of the number of times you have moved out before, you will always end up wishing that you had done a thing or two differently.

    This exercise is quite demanding, and one ought to have in mind all that it takes for a seamless process. After contacting some of the best movers in Kenya and setting the date, you still have a lot on your plate to take care of. For you to not get remorseful during and after the moving process, you need to plan yourself adequately.

    Take a look at our 5 tips on how to organize yourself and prepare for a household move.

    1.   Purge your home

    Declutter your home a few days, or even weeks, before the moving day. Sort out all your belonging and get all those you may not need in your new residence. You can start to sell them as early as possible to ensure that you get some money from the items instead of throwing them away.

    Furthermore, you may also donate some of the things which will no longer be of use to you to those who may need them more.

    2.   Know what cannot be moved

    Some movers companies in Kenya have policies on what can and cannot be moved in their trucks. Contact them well in advance and get the whole list. Should you have any items which cannot be transported, plan on how they will get to your new location.

    You can get in touch with specialty movers who can take those specific products for you. Alternatively, the options mentioned above still come into play – sell or donate them.

    3.   Box your things up properly

    A few days or weeks prior to the move, stock yourself up with the necessary equipment. Get enough boxes, packing tapes, sharpies, and bubble wraps to organize your household items. Not unless the company you are hiring has packing as one of their services, label all boxes according to what they hold.

    This will be beneficial to you even when unpacking as you will know what goes where. Furthermore, if you get the services of packers and movers in Kenya, they will easily know how to handle your products in the vehicle and also where to keep the boxes after you have arrived at your destination.

    Ensure that you also label fragile items so that they can be handled with more caution.

    4.   Make sure all furniture fit through the door

    Some furniture might become difficult to fit through the door. Before the movers arrive, go through their measurements, or you can alternatively try a dry run to check if they fit. Many moving companies have the expertise to move all your furniture efficiently.

    However, if you think there will be an issue removing some items from the house, give them a heads up well in advance. They will come prepared with the necessary equipment to help in fitting the furniture through the doors.

    5.   Do not entrust all your items to the movers

    Gather all your vital goods and documents and organize to carry them by yourself. Your jewelry, cash, prescription drugs, and personal documents should not be transported with your other products.


    These five tips will have you ready for the movers in Kenya without any hassle. Lastly, do not forget to thank them once you are in your new residence. Tipping them is highly recommended, so you should include it in your budget.

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