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    How to View Private Instagram Profiles Secretly

    As the use of social media continues to rise, data privacy continues to become a significant concern. In this era, almost everyone shares their private information on their social media platforms, either knowingly or unknowingly.

    In light of this, the majority, if not all, social media houses have begun offering stricter privacy policies that can help keep the data and privacy of their users safe and secure.

    To ensure that they set those trends, Instagram introduced a privacy feature that allows its users to change their accounts to ‘private.’ By doing this, Instagram ensures that only the followers of individuals who have their accounts switched to ‘private’ only get to view their pictures and stories.

    So, can you view private Instagram profiles online? Fortunately enough, getting to see the photos and stories of such people is not rocket science and can be achieved in a few simple steps. A little extra leg-work might be needed to accomplish this, but with the right tips, all will be easy.

    Before getting started, it is paramount first to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with having either a private or public Instagram account.

    Private vs. Public Instagram Accounts

    As an Instagram user, one has the choice to make between having their accounts public or private. It all goes down to what the account will be used for and what agenda one wishes to fulfill. For someone who wants to have their data hidden from certain friends and family, employers, or even exes, putting the Instagram account on private is the best thing to do.

    However, if privacy is not a major concern, then leaving the account on public view is fine. When this is done, all Instagram pictures and stories can be viewed by everyone who searches up the said account.

    When to make an account public

    • A public Instagram account is best used for both commercial and non-commercial usage, such as brand awareness, getting more exposure, and followers.
    • If running a brand or a small business, searching for more engagement should be the first thing to do. For this to become successful, the accounts have to remain public so that anyone can look them up.
    • When sharing personal information with the world (especially location) is okay, then setting it in public should not be an issue.
    • Someone looking for more public engagement, that is, for an influencer, an upcoming talent, or a public figure.

    When to make a profile private

    • This account is ideal for personal and non-commercial use. An individual can store their content and can limit to who can see or comment.
    • A low-profile person would instead remain confidential with their data than letting strangers know more about themselves. Their content on stories or hashtags cannot be traced by someone who isn’t on their follower list
    • Someone who is not in the spotlight and wishes to maintain their life like that also needs to have a confidential Instagram account
    • When a person does not care about getting more followers on their Instagram account, going private is a recommended move.

    When the account is in private mode, it will be hard for an average user to gain access to the content as it means that they are permitted to do so.

    However, there are loopholes one can take full advantage of to be in a position of viewing the pictures and stories of the people whom they don’t follow, yet they are in a ‘private’ setting.

    How to Secretly View Private Instagram Profiles 

    Method 1: The legitimate way – Sending a follower request


    The most legitimate way of seeing other people’s Instagram photos is by sending them a follower request. The user will get a notification for the request and will have the opportunity to either cancel or approve it. In any case, chances are that the person knows you already and will accept your follower request.

    When this is done, it becomes simple to view their photos and stories with ease. If the user does not accept the request for one reason or the other, there are other means one can use to check out their profile picture without selling out their identity.

    Method 2: Creating a fake Instagram ID

    There are times when someone wishes to view the pictures of an individual, but they cannot send a request using their real names and profile picture. If this happens, all that needs to be done is to get a realistic fake profile, loaded with credible information and a profile picture that seems real.

    Ensure also to keep the fake account private so that whenever the other user wishes to check out the pictures, they will not be able to do so, unless they accept yours first. Having a catchy fake name will also increase the other user’s interests, and chances of approval will be much higher.

    Thereafter, one will enjoy following their stories and pictures without them ever knowing.

    Method 3: Use private Instagram profile viewer apps

    If not interested in the methods mentioned above, there are still other ways to view the stories and pictures of others without them knowing at all. One of such means of late includes the use of third-party private Instagram profile viewer applications. This is a non-legitimate method which may not be recommended by many, but it is beneficial and discreet.

    These Instagram private profile viewer apps are well-developed that no one will know that the account in question is being ‘hacked.’ Listed below is a list of the three most popular applications one can use to secretly view other people’s private Instagram photos.

    1)  Private Insta

    Private Insta has been a very effective yet uncomplicated tool to ‘hack’ into someone’s Instagram account. The application is capable of extracting information discreetly. All that is required is to copy and paste the username of the profile, on the interface of the app.

    Thereafter, click on the ‘submit’ button, which will begin searching for the profile and begin the process of extraction of posts.

    Once it is done, one will be required to fill out a survey, and only after completion will they be allowed to access the pictures of the private Instagram account.

    This is the most popular app being used by stalkers of private Instagram account, and it has received good reviews so far.

    2)  Insta Looker

    This is yet another popular app used in spying the pictures of an Instagram user who has not accepted a friend request. On opening the website, there is a ‘spy now’ button, which should be clicked.

    On the next page, there is an input page that will require the username of the profile being check out to be pasted.

    Once that is done, click the submit button. Just as in the case with Private Insta, one can view private Instagram photos only after a short survey has been conducted. Thereafter, the ability to view and download the images of a private Instagram user lies with the user of the app.

    3)  Insta DP

    Insta DP probably has the most straightforward UI of the apps mentioned. It is, therefore, ideal for those who just want a seamless process of viewing the photos and even going further to download them without having to undergo a hard time trying to understand it. However, a short survey will still have to be done to access the features of the app.

    Final Thought

    All these methods have been proven to work very well in accessing the photos of a private Instagram account. It is essential to first go through the privacy policy of the apps mentioned before committing to using a particular one.

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