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JSC begins Judge of the Supreme Court Interviews

After completing the Chief Justice interviews, the Judicial Service Commission has started the interviews of the Supreme Court judges.

The JSC had received nine applications for the position of the Supreme Court judge. They are Justice Chitembwe Said Juma, Justice Marete Njagi, Justice M’inoti Kathurima, Justice Nduma Mathews Nderi.

Others are Dr. Nyabery Justy Patrick Lumumba, Justice Ouko William Okello, Justice Sergon Joseph Kiplagat, and Ms. Yano Alice Jepkoech.

Justice Martha Koome had also been shortlisted for the post. However, since she is already the nominee for the Chief Justice position, she will not participate in the interviews.

Doubts after High Court ruling

The interviews were in doubt after petitioners went to the High Court to suspend the interviews. The four petitioners had several challenges in their petition. One was challenging the position of Olive Mugenda as the JSC Chair.

Another was challenging commissioner Paul Gichuhi’s position on the commissions. They said since he had retired from public service, he was in the Commission illegally.

However, the Court of Appeal overturned the ruling, allowing the interviews to take place.

The first to be interviewed is Justice Chitembwe Juma, who had also been the first on the Chief Justice interview post. Justice Marete Njagi then follows him later on today. Njagi was also part of the Chief Justice interviews. William Ouko was also one who took part in the Chief Justice Interviews.

The interviews will start at 9.00 AM for the first candidate and 11.00 AM for the second candidate.

Eight candidates

With eight candidates in the running and two candidates daily, the interviews are likely to end on Thursday, ahead of the Friday schedule. Once the interviews end, the JSC will score them then suggest the best candidate to the President.

The JSC last week made history with their nomination of Martha Koome for the Chief Justice post. If approved by Parliament, she will become Kenya’s first female Chief Justice. The Commission unanimously settled on her name, which they forwarded to the President, who forwarded it to Parliament for vetting and approval.

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