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Justice Chitembwe rules out major changes as Chief Justice

Justice Chitembwe Said has ruled out making any radical changes to the Judiciary once he took office as the Chief Justice.

Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu had asked Chitembwe what he would fix when he got the job as Chief Justice.

Build on issues Maraga left

However, Chitembwe responded by saying that he did not intend to bring in any changes, at least in his first six months in office. Instead, he said that he would build on issues left.

“The first six months in office, I do not intend to make any changes. I know what the weaknesses of the institutions are and where to enhance them. You do not come with radical changes. I will pick up on sustaining the issues left and build upon that.”

Chitembwe is the first of the ten Chief Justice and Supreme Court judge candidates to be interviewed. He faced an interviewing commission that included Justice Majanja, Acting CJ, Philomena Mwilu, and Justice Warsame.

Hastening of court cases

Chitembwe also said that he would work to reducing the timeframe for completion of cases in court.

“My transformative leadership agenda will be to dispense Justice within a reasonable time. My label will be dispensing Justice in a reasonable time,” Chitembwe said.

Controversial ruling

However, the Justice was put to task over a ruling he made a few years back. The case involved a 14-year-old girl defiled by a 23-year-old man. In a ruling that shocked many, Chitembwe ruled that the case was not of defilement as the girl had ‘willingly’ had sex with the man.

“When I make my judgment, I do not consider what the judge of appeal would say. In the said cases, the lady said she went to the man’s house, had sex with him, and went home. She wasn’t defiled.” Chitembwe said.

However, Kenya’s Sexual Offences Act states that a minor (under 18) cannot give consent for sex.

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