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Kenya has had a baby boom of elephants (and it is possible to adopt them)

It is not surprising that a Government would study the demographics of its population, but Kenya has gone further and decided to move forward with its first National Wildlife Census.

Kenya’s Wildlife Research and Training Institute was responsible for the National Wildlife Census, which will serve as the basis for future assessments of the country’s wildlife population.

The results of this first census are promising: according to the Travel and Leisure, there was a baby boom of elephants, with more than 200 elephants born throughout 2020.

Najib Balala, secretary of the Tourism and Wildlife office, described the increase in the elephant population as “covid-19 gifts“.

To celebrate the baby boom of elephants and promote the country’s commitment to wildlife conservation, Magical Kenya it’s the Kenya Wildlife Service are organizing a adoption ceremony and baptism of these animals. The event will take place this Saturday in the Amboseli National Park.

“The aim of the festival is to ensure a future for elephants and their habitats in peaceful coexistence with humans”, reads a statement from the organization.

Donors cannot take elephants home for obvious reasons, but will receive regular updates on the animal’s daily life in the national park.

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