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Kenya launches online platform to help handle child sexual abuse cases

Kenya has introduced an online tool to help the public provide information regarding child sexual abuse incidents.

Once information regarding underage sexual abuse comes to light, analysts assess the information and pull it down or block it from the internet.

The Kenyan Government Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHTCPU) Internet Watch Foundation set up the new portal. Also, the Directorate Criminal of Investigation helped put up the system.

Stopping the spread of videos and images of minors being raped or sexually abused is essential to permanently stop the continued revictimization of young people. It’s a worldwide epidemic that requires an international response.

Moreover, using the only platform gives most people the chance to report these incidents anonymously. Should a person stumble upon videos and images of child sexual abuse on the internet must notify promptly.

The UK based international charity – The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), has the mandate to remove videos and child sexual abuse from online platforms. As a result, teaming up with the Kenyan government will make its efforts bear fruit.

When it was initially launched in January, the platform could only allow law enforcement agencies to report such incidents.

However, after re-launching, members of the Kenyan public have the opportunity to report illegal sexual material.

“We are happy to have managed to open this new system to the public. We would like all Kenyans to help us make the internet a safer place,” said IWF CEO Susie Hargreaves.

DCI’s Jennifer Wamuyu Kanyi echoed Hargreaves sentiments saying DCI would pursue all avenues possible to ensure the safety of children both in the physical and virtual environment.

Kanyi further stated reporting child sexual abuse incidents was the right thing. Additionally, such a report could help rescue a small child from insurmountable abuse.

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