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Kenya-Tanzania sign bilateral agreements, agree to end border tariffs

The relationship between Kenya and Tanzanian is set to improve further after the two heads of states signed three bilateral agreements.

Speaking in a joint press conference after the meeting, both President Kenyatta and Suluhu promised to continue talks to improve the countries’ relationship.

Three bilateral agreements

President Kenyatta, in his speech, said that both countries had signed agreements on the pipeline from Mombasa to Tanzania. They also signed an agreement on improving cultural and national heritage between both countries and improving tourism between both countries.

President Kenyatta also said that the talks would continue beyond today, with ministers set to lead the negotiations.

“We have instructed ministers (from both countries) to be meeting from time to time to resolve issues that cause problems in the relationship between the two countries. We want to make everything easy for these two nations,” he said in his speech.

Suluhu promises investments in Kenya

President Suluhu, meanwhile, said that improving ties between Kenya and Tanzania was critical as both countries shared a long border. She also stated that Kenya, being the number one investor in Tanzania and fifth in the global ranking, meant that both countries had much to gain from improved trade relations.

She said that 30 Tanzanian companies in Kenya employed over 2,600 people, while Kenya had 513 investments in Tanzania worth sh 170 billion. She promised that she would push for more Tanzanian investments in Kenya.

Eliminate border tariffs

She also said that both countries would combine to eliminate border tariffs and fight COVID-19 together, to stop the delays at the borders.

“In a bid to improve businesses, we have agreed to end border tariffs, and together we call on the commissions on both countries to come up with solutions to problems coming up now.”

On the COVID-19, she said that they called on the Health Ministries to hasten testing at border points to ease movement and avoid congestions.

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