Kenyan family in a quagmire after kin collapses and dies aboard a foreign ship


A Mombasa family is mourning their kin who collapsed and died aboard a Chinese ship.

According to The Standard, Yunus Beku was part of the crew on the ship who last his life when they neared Singapore waters.

He passed away on June 21, but three countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, refused the ship to dock and offload the body for repatriation.

Did Musa, the Managing Director of Mombasa Ocean, vessel’s local handling agents, said he reached for help from the three countries but denied his request.

However, he said the ship reached out to Mauritius, who agreed to repatriate the body.

“The ship master , Sun Mas Lung notified Singapore authorities of the unfortunate incident and requested to be allowed to dock and discharge the dead body for safe repatriation back to Kenya but was denied permission,” said Musa.

The deceased’s family members said news of his passing shocked them. They said before travelling; he had performed all the required medical examination.

“We don’t understand what killed him in such a far-flung country. e are waiting for the body to bury him according to the Islamic tradition,” said one family member.

The Kenya High Commission’s website states kin who passed away abroad must provide a copy of the embalmment Certificate, a letter from the Health Department confirming that there was no serious disease at the time of death, a Death Certificate, and a Death Certificate before the body comes back to the country for burial.

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