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Kenyans arrested and arraigned in court over fake Covid-19 certificates

Thirty-five Kenyans found themselves on the wrong side of the law after the government caught up with them for presenting fake Covid-19 and Yellow Fever certificates.

According to Citizen Digital, one case has already been thrown out, 11 have already been convicted, while 23 are yet to know their fate.

The government caught up with 21 passengers on Thursday the 27th of November 2020 before they could board their flights.

Airport authorities managed to catch the fraudsters after they subjected their documents to special scanning. A majority of the passengers were to fly with Emirates to Dubai.

Health CS Kagwe Mungai announced that the government had launched a crackdown on fake Covid-19 certificates. He, however, warned Kenyans to refrain from trying to cheat the system as the government will punish them.

“When we opened our space in August, we developed protocols to govern all players in the international travel sector. Many of our stakeholders have complied with these protocols, but we have lately noted a trend where some people are trying to cheat the system,” Kagwe said.

Further adding,

“Already, many have been arrested and charged in court. I urge travelers not to play with the law only to become part of the statistics.”

The government is also on the lookout trying to identify who is issuing the fake Covid-19 certificates.

Travel ban.

Kagwe’s remarks came after the United Araba Emirates (UAE) slapped 13 countries, including Kenya, with a Visa ban.

According to the UAE, travellers from these 13 countries were presenting fake Covid-19 certificates. Other countries include Somalia, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, and Pakistan. The ban is effective from the 18th of November 2020.

UAE’s ban came after 100 Kenyans arrived at the UAE while alleging they were Covid-19 free.

However, when the authorities at the airport tested them for the virus, they found 50 of them positive.

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