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Kenyans come through for woman scammed Sh40 million


Kenyans have come to the aid of one Esther Njihia, a Nairobi-based businesswoman who shared how she was scammed Sh40 million, forcing her to start selling porridge in the streets of Nairobi.

In a show on YouTube, the woman expressed gratitude and disclosed that Kenyans of goodwill had so far contributed a total of Sh500,000.

“Over the past seven days, I have received Sh500,000, and I’m grateful to God because now I will start my life afresh. My life has changed. I will no longer sell porridge. I know God will restore me,” she said.

Njihia, a popular businesswoman in the early 2000s, imported vehicles, photocopier machines, furniture, and building materials from Dubai and Nakuru.

Her business had grown so well that she was a well-known tycoon in Nakuru and had accumulated a lot of money.

She would then move to Nairobi in a move to expand her business.

At this point, her life took a new twist after he was coerced by her friends to invest her money in a firm called Desi.

The company promised that her money would triple.

However, as promised, the money never tripled, nor did she get what she had initially invested, leading her to accrue losses.

The woman had attributed her losses to failure of paying tithes and called on Christians to pay their dues without fail.

“I have received many calls from Kenyans who heard about my story. Some have told me that they started paying their tithes, and I am glad I impacted someone’s life,” she added.

Following the loss, the depressed woman had resorted to hawking porridge and arrowroots in Nairobi CBD.

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