HomeNewsKenyans demand for release of activist accused of creating Uhuruto poster

Kenyans demand for release of activist accused of creating Uhuruto poster

Kenyans online have launched calls for the government to release activist Mutemi wa Kiama, arrested for allegedly creating a mocking poster Uhuruto.

Following the IMF’s decision to furnish Kenya with yet another loan of Ksh 255 billion, Kenyans were up in arms over the matter. They petitioned the loan shark against lending Kenya the money, with the petition now at over 200,000 signatures.

Kenyans launched the calls following blatant plunder and theft in the current Jubilee administration, which has seen Kenya’s debt ceiling skyrocket.

Shared the poster

In the throes of the calls to stop IMF loans, Mutemi wa Kiama, a vocal human rights activist and the person behind the Wanjiku Revolt Twitter account, shared the poster.

Mutemi shared a ‘Public Notice’ poster of President Uhuru, stating that he was not allowed to transact on behalf of Kenya’s citizens. Another one for Ruto also shot up after the one for the President, saying that both were not fit for holding public office.

The images went viral and were widely circulated on the hashtags #IMFstoploaningKenya and #stoploaningKenya.

ImageThe poster that Kiama shared

Court date set for today

Following the sharing of the images, police arrested Mutemi on Tuesday evening, with activist, Boniface Mwangi, stating that he would appear before the court today.

“Activist Edwin Kiama arrested last evening. He’s being taken to court this morning on cybercrime offences,” Boniface Mwangi said. He said that the police were accusing him of creating the posters.

Reports say that Mutemi is at Central Police Station and had made a few phone calls last evening before his phone went off, making him inaccessible.


Kenyans online have started the #ReleaseKiama, which trended for a better part of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

“Our Resident Despot & Plantation owner does not fear his electorate but is terrified of having his “good name” tainted internationally. So, begins the repression that #LindaKatiba warns about,” Activist Jerotich Seii wrote.

Mutemi wa Kiama is currently before the Milimani Law Courts


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