Kenyans demand justice for Kenei


Kenyans have demanded that the DCI gives an in-depth investigation into the murder of officer Kenei Kipyegon.

Kenei was found dead on February 20th in his house. He had a single bullet wound to the head. At first many speculated that it was suicide.

However, further investigations by the DCI reveal that he was murdered by at least three people. The murderers then staged his death to make it look like a suicide. In fact, they included faking a suicide note to sell the whole thing.

Kenei knew the people who killed him, the DCI stated. Additionally, reports indicate that Kenei had been living on borrowed time.

The office of the Deputy President had sent out a brief statement announcing the disappearance of one of its officers after Kenei had failed to show up to work.

Murder most foul

Many took to social media to express their views under the #whomurderedKenei, seeking to answer the questions that the murder of Kenei raised.

The hashtag comes in the wake of questions of why the DCI was prosecuting the case in public.

Under the hashtag, people have shared varied opinions. Some have called for the DCI to rein in hard to find the killers. Others expressed reservations about the ability of the detectives to catch the murderers or even bring them to book once they found them.

Gabriel Dolan, a journalist and former Standard columnist, was one of those who tweeted his reservations about the DCI finding those who murdered Kenei.

“We most likely will never know #WhoMurderedKenei due to a cocktail of politics, incompetence, cover-up and sloppiness. Shame RIP young man!” He tweeted.

Other Kenyans also expressed their doubts.

Others mused on how CCTV is evidence in one case and not in the other one.

Others wondered what the DP was doing in the wake of the damning revelations about his office and staff


Central figure

The new revelation that Kenei had been one of the central figures in the sh39 billion weapons meeting at Annex has thrown his murder into a new light.

The DCI released a CCTV footage to journalists and took them through the entire video, explaining the sequence of events.

In the footage, Kenei was at the reception of Harambee House Annex, leading one of Echesa’s co-accused, Daniel Otieno Omondi (General Juma) into the VIP lifts.

Kenei also picked up a phone call, which he then handed to General Juma as they got off the lifts on the second floor.

Kenei also received and welcomed Echesa into the building once he arrived, a little while after the others were in.

Blowing off the lid

Kenei featured prominently in the footage. This raised suspicion that he was killed because he would be one of the people who would have much to tell.

In fact, Kenei was to record a statement with the police over the fake arms probe when he went missing, later to be found dead.

Another new revelation was also that the suspects, Echesa, General Juma and the others spent at least 1hour 22 minutes at Harambee house Annex. This is in contrast to 23 minutes as DP Ruto had claimed.

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