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Kevin Omwenga murder: Prime suspect Robert Ouko claims it was an accident

Prime suspect in the fatal shooting to death of 28-year old Kevin Omwenga now claims the shooting was an accident.

Kahawatungu reported that Robert Bodo Ouko, in his police statements, said that the gun went off when they were scuffling over it after a disagreement.

Bodo, who has been identified as a “bodyguard” to the second suspect Chris Obure, told the police officers investigating the case that he had picked the firearm from his boss’ office at Senteu Plaza, adjacent to Galana Suits where the shooting happened.

Bodo claims he took the gun on the morning of Friday, August 21 at 6 am and returned it shortly before midnight the same day.

He further claimed that Omwenga had borrowed the gun to “show off” when they picked a female companion at Ngara after they left a joint in Argwings Kodhek Road.

CCTV footage shows Robert Bodo Ouko alighting from the elevator and entering the late Omwenga’s house.

According to the statement recorded at Kilimani Police Station, there was an in-house party in Omwenga’s living room. When Bodo wanted to leave, he pulled the late Omwenga to the bedroom to pick his boss’ gun. It was at that point that a disagreement set in leading to the shooting.

Bodo’s statement, however, does not explain what the two disagreed about and who between them pulled the trigger. He insisted that he and Omwenga were great friends and he could not have done it on purpose.

Omwenga was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Police in the case are also probing Omwenga’s “sudden” change in lifestyle after it emerged that he had left his job at a motor bazaar where he worked as a manager. He is reported to be broke and unable to pay his rent in March this year before bouncing back with high-end cars.

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the two may have disagreed over a fake gold deal gone wrong.

The second suspect, Chris Obure, who identifies himself as a city businessman, was arrested after it emerged that he was the owner of the gun used to kill the 28-year-old.

Chris Obure in court. The self-proclaimed businessman was arrested after it emerged that the gun used to kill Omwenga belonged to him.

Obure had initially been declared unfit to hold a firearm after being arrested in several occurrences of gun misuse. Police are now investigating how he acquired the gun.

Bodo and Obure are expected to appear in court today, Monday, August 24 to answer murder charges against them.

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