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Kiambu murders: How Warunge tricked his girlfriend into helping him commit murder

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have established that 22-year-old Lawrence Warunge tricked his girlfriend into helping him commit murder. Lawrence Warunge is the prime suspect in the Recent Kiambu murders, where five family members perished.

The detectives from the Homicide and the Crime Scene Investigations revealed a few details. According to them, the university student’s initial plan was to kill his family members using carbon monoxide.

Warunge allegedly tried to kill them using this strategy thrice, but he failed. It was at this moment that he opted to use the knife.
Warunge then hatched a plan to use his girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni, to commit the heinous crime.

He promised her that he would ensure they live better lives and have peace for the rest of their lives.

Warunge then asked his girlfriend to buy a nine-inch knife with a metallic handle in Thika. This is the same knife that is the murder weapon.

With the knife in his possession, he attempted to force Muthoni to drink alcohol and smoke bhang. However, she refused. He planned to leave her passed out as he rushed to his rural home in Kiambu county to execute the murders.

Detectives are still trying to establish why she hosted him at the rental house in Jikaze, Mai Mahiu. They also want to know why officers apprehended both of them at the hide-out in Lower Kabete, Nairobi.

Detectives have also revealed that they are yet to find any incriminating evidence against Warunge’s girlfriend. The only thing incriminating her is purchasing the murder weapon.


Lawrence Warunge confessed that he committed the murders after watching a TV series called Killing Eve. However, a senior detective said that the confession alone is not enough for a conviction. Detectives are still conducting investigations on the matter.

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