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Kisii: Form three student arrested after stabbing two teachers

Police in Kisii have arrested a form three student at Kisii School after he allegedly stabbed two teachers.

Initial details indicate that the student was summoned to the staffroom by teachers after turning up late for morning personal studies.

It is at the staffroom where the student was asked to kneel down and explain reasons for his late show-up, but instead, he attacked and stabbed a teacher identified as Edwin Mokaya.

The second teacher, Elvis Maoto was stabbed on the wrist as he intervened to help his colleague. The two teachers were rushed to Ram Hospital with stab wounds.

Ram Hospital’s administrator Enock Abobo confirmed the admission of the teachers, saying one is in critical condition after sustaining deep cuts.

“We received two patients at 9 am, and one was in critical condition. We are currently doing a primary assessment on the injuries as we start treatment,” he said.

The other teacher was treated and is to be dismissed.

Ram Hospital where the two teachers were admitted after being stabbed by a form three student at Kisii School.

Speaking to the Star, Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Munene said investigations have been launched to dig into the incident.

“We have dispatched a team of detectives to commence a probe into the matter,” He said.

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