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KPA Boss Dan Manduku arrested, questioned over fresh graft allegations

The Managing Director, Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), Dan Manduku has been arrested for interrogation at the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters at Kiambu.

The KPA boss was arrested on Monday before being driven to DCI headquarters over a fresh graft case.

DCI boss George Kinoti confirmed the incident, saying that Mr. Manduku was being grilled in a fresh graft probe and not the ongoing cases against him.

“He has been arrested over ongoing investigations on fresh corruption allegations,” Kinoti said.

He will be arraigned in court tomorrow to answer charges of abuse of office, breach of trust, and neglect of official duty.

The KPA managing director, alongside KRA Commissioner of Customs and Border Control Kevin Safari and others, are being accused of conspiring to gazette the Nairobi Inland Cargo Terminal (NICT) and Mitchelle Cotts Freight Limited companies as KPA facility despite them not meeting the KPA requirements.

Mitchelle Cotts Freight Limited did not pay the license required to run a peripheral storage facility and only did so upon the realization that the DCI had started investigating how the tender was awarded.

NICT, on the other hand, had not even applied for the tender that was awarded towards the end of 2018.

“He is now within our custody, and we shall definitely present him in a court of law tomorrow (Tuesday). You cannot steal public money or break the law using a public office that taxpaying Kenyans have entrusted you with and continue walking free.” He said.

His arrest comes after more than a year of investigations of numerous corruption allegations and legal drama that prevented the DCI from arresting him.

“We have since early last year been investigating countless graft cases against him, but this is a fresh one,” Kinoti noted.

Mr. Manduku, together with other senior port officials were arrested last year and had up to 22 possible charges listed against them by the DCI related to irregularities in projects.

On December last year, Manduku was released on a Sh500, 000 cash bail issued by Justice Eric Ogolla at the High Court of Mombasa.

Manduku then applied for an order from the court to prevent the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the DCI from charging him with corruption, but he lost the application.

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