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KRA to carry out mass PIN deregistration

The Kenya Revenue Authority has announced mass PIN deregistration for Kenyans who don’t file returns.

KRA has issued a month ultimatum to all people eligible to remit income taxes and Value Added Taxes.

Once the deadline elapses, the taxman has said it would begin deregistering PIN holders and erasing their information from national servers.

“Kenya Revenue Authority would like to announce that any Kenyan registered under the 2013 Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, and the Income Tax Act, CAP 470 Laws of Kenya must file their returns as expected,” read the statement in part.

Without a KRA PIN, both businesses and individuals won’t transact any business in Kenya. The PIN is necessary because it helps score employment in companies and carry out various transactions in the country.

The taxman advised Kenyans in the statement to take advantage of the Voluntary Tax Disclosure Programme and negotiate their mode of payment.

This programme provides taxpayers with an opportunity to reveal previously undisclosed tax liabilities to the Commissioner. In turn, they’ll receive relief of penalties and interests emanating from disclosed tax.

KRA’s mass PIN deregistration aims to crack down on tax cheats, which will help raise the country’s revenue to cover this year’s financial budget deficit.

According to 2015’s Tax Procedure Act, KRA has the power to prosecute tax evaders and collect duty direct from their financial institutions, their supplies, and auction their properties.

After cancellation, affected people won’t be able to transfer, register, or license motor vehicles. They’ll additionally not register businesses in their names.

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